Coaching for Transcendence

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Pew Research Center reports the vast majority of Americans describe themselves as spiritual—whether or not they identify with a particular religious community or tradition.  Common to our human experience is a deep-seated need to find meaning and mastery in a swirling, chaotic universe. Pulling from a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom, faith, philosophy, and psychology, find the help to chart your own path–free of guilt or judgment.  Discover how you can live an intentional, meaningful life.

Spiritual Leader Coaching – Does it feel like all your time goes to everyone else’s spiritual needs at the neglect of your own?  Coaching provides a partnership to focus on your own spiritual growth.  Rekindle the passion, revive your spiritual experience, find the practical steps to achieve your own spiritual goals with an experienced coach. 

“It’s not so much about finding the meaning of life.  It’s about finding the meaningful life–for you.”