Coaching for Change

Meaningful Change (Life Coaching) –  Feeling burnt out or just plain stuck?  You don’t have to go it alone.  Coaching provides a partnership to explore options for growth and change.  Brainstorm possibilities, rekindle your passion, put your purpose into practice with an experienced coach. 

Career/Life Transition – Facing a transition?  No matter how healthy and amicable the split, there is always a complex mix of emotions and realities when leaving one situation for another.  Partnering with a coach helps navigate the stages of grief, identify the dynamics of a new system/culture, and strategize how to meet needs of the new (situation or your own).

Conflict Mediation – Find yourself at odds in a conflicted situation?  Coaching provides the space to be heard, discover choices, and strategize how best to communicate and meet needs.  Conflict coaching works with individuals, couples, or teams to find a way through complicated issues.  

“If change were easy, you wouldn’t need us.  Everyone needs a little support to make a big change.”