Coaching for Groups

Family Coaching – Is there a communication breakdown in your family? Coaching helps families communicate effectively to create meaning, negotiate behavior, and form connections. Discover how to understand the needs of different personalities, how to communicate feelings and needs, and how the family can be what it desires to be–a safe, loving space for all members to grow and flourish.  

Team Coaching – Nothing beats a fully-functioning team in creating change and making a difference.  Too often inertia, mission-creep, or burn-out can derail even the best organizations.  Add a healthy dose of stress and anxiety, and you have a perfect storm for a downward turn.  Telosify works with nonprofits, church boards, and small businesses to bring mission clarity and alignment, governance as leadership, board development, strategic thinking, while building leadership capacity.

Relationship Coaching 

“Feeling burnt out? Feeling like you’re just going through the motions in life? Then it’s time to Telosify.”