Why Telosify?

Coaching is a partnership to work on any area in your personal or professional life where you want to see growth or change.  That work can take a variety of forms like: coming to clarity around an issue, brainstorming possibilities, setting goals or a learning objective over the course of several sessions.  The important thing is that the agenda is entirely yours.  There will be no book, webinar, or podcast to give you the 5 ways to be more effective in your career, or the 7 tips for success in personal relationships.  The assumption is you are the subject matter expert for what works best for you in a given situation.  The role of the coach is to help you discover what works best by being a sounding board and asking probing questions to help you find what works best in an area where you feel stuck or that is important to you.  

Telos is the ancient Greek word for purpose, end, or goal. Through a series of coaching engagements, we help you clarify purpose and put it into practice. Turn potential into reality.

Telosify your life.

Coaching for Change

Meaningful Change (Life Coaching) –  Feeling burnt out or just plain stuck?  You don’t have to go it alone.  Coaching provides a partnership to explore options for growth and change.  Brainstorm possibilities, rekindle your passion, put your purpose into practice with an experienced coach. 

Career/Life Transition – Facing a transition?  No matter how healthy and amicable the split, there is always a complex mix of emotions and realities when leaving one situation for another.  Partnering with a coach helps navigate the stages of grief, identify the dynamics of a new system/culture, and strategize how to meet needs of the new (situation or your own).

Conflict Mediation – Find yourself at odds in a conflicted situation?  Coaching provides the space to be heard, discover choices, and strategize how best to communicate and meet needs.  Conflict coaching works with individuals, couples, or teams to find a way through complicated issues.  

“If change were easy, you wouldn’t need us.  Everyone needs a little support to make a big change.”

Coaching for Groups

Family Coaching – Is there a communication breakdown in your family? Coaching helps families communicate effectively to create meaning, negotiate behavior, and form connections. Discover how to understand the needs of different personalities, how to communicate feelings and needs, and how the family can be what it desires to be–a safe, loving space for all members to grow and flourish.  

Team Coaching – Nothing beats a fully-functioning team in creating change and making a difference.  Too often inertia, mission-creep, or burn-out can derail even the best organizations.  Add a healthy dose of stress and anxiety, and you have a perfect storm for a downward turn.  Telosify works with nonprofits, church boards, and small businesses to bring mission clarity and alignment, governance as leadership, board development, strategic thinking, while building leadership capacity.

Relationship Coaching 

“Feeling burnt out? Feeling like you’re just going through the motions in life? Then it’s time to Telosify.”

Coaching for Transcendence

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Pew Research Center reports the vast majority of Americans describe themselves as spiritual—whether or not they identify with a particular religious community or tradition.  Common to our human experience is a deep-seated need to find meaning and mastery in a swirling, chaotic universe. Pulling from a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom, faith, philosophy, and psychology, find the help to chart your own path–free of guilt or judgment.  Discover how you can live an intentional, meaningful life.

Spiritual Leader Coaching – Does it feel like all your time goes to everyone else’s spiritual needs at the neglect of your own?  Coaching provides a partnership to focus on your own spiritual growth.  Rekindle the passion, revive your spiritual experience, find the practical steps to achieve your own spiritual goals with an experienced coach. 

“It’s not so much about finding the meaning of life.  It’s about finding the meaningful life–for you.”

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Our telos is to facilitate individual and group learning, discovery, and change. In a word, we seek eudaimonia—another ancient Greek word which could be translated happiness, wholeness, or flourishing.